Reconnecting with Nature: From the Cityscapes of NYC to the Wild Forests of Vera Cruz, Mexico

On a recent trip to New York City, I reconnected with family and friends, deepening ties with those who inspire and uplift me. My appreciation for my NYC circle is immense, as is the joy of revisiting cherished moments with loved ones.

However, the Manhattan cityscape, with its towering office buildings that eclipse the sun and sky, is a stark contrast to the natural beauty I crave. It makes me wonder how different our world would be if that investment were channeled into creating swimmable, drinkable water.

In New Orleans’ Bywater, I relish the vibrant hues of homes, the lush subtropical flora, and the expansive sky. It reminds me of the small, close-knit neighborhoods in Queens, where community thrives and nature is a step away.

As time passes, my desire to be nearer to nature grows. Whether it’s cultivating a lush garden or simply living amidst natural beauty, that aspiration remains a mystery to be unraveled.

A recent February visit to a friend in Vera Cruz, Mexico, unveiled the enchanting possibilities of life near a wild forest. The beauty of the natural surroundings, with an untouched forest and a flowing river, was awe-inspiring. It prompted me to consider the allure of living closer to nature’s embrace.

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