Why food sex & art?




I feel like these three things rule the world. Speaking such hyperbole is both extremely true and not so true of course. We live in a wild era of misinformation and enlightenment, simultaneously. This truth, as I see it, makes it ever difficult to believe in anything.

We have seen everyone get fooled and every walk of life fool us. From our supposed fellow holy man to scientists as well as our politicians that claim to fight for us till the bloody end.

But what keeps us engaged? What is constantly tickling our fancies keeping us ever so locked into our phones and wondering what’s going on outside of our global exposed calamity in lack of preparedness and militantly malicious bigots in government office on both sides of the aisle?

As a practicing designer of about 18 plus years, I can confidently say the powers that be study and know what tickles your fancy. And the chances of them getting you, the reader/scroller, to be obsessed with what’s next, is leveraging the power of SEX, FOOD AND ART!

Rather than feed us truth, the dinosaurs of mainstream media engorge upon your time and identity as the product that produces their ever unfulfilling already densely infinite pockets. They will make product that desensitizes you and the businesses we love and tell us they’re doing it as a favor. It’s time they admit that the algorithms don’t help anyone but themselves.

I rant to vent into digression but let me chill out for a moment…

… I HOPE TO ENLIGHTEN… (interviews, contributing writers, podcasts, videos, stories, photos, art—whatever it takes). I hope to remind you of the fire that is within us all. That courage, that ability to grow and desire to sweat ourselves into passion. I do not care to motivate ambition for everyone to desire greater or less, for money or material things and packing your life with things to do is not what makes you happy (not most of the time.)

I hope to genuinely encourage us through our human love of food, sex and art. It is our basic shared humanity. It is our most vulnerable lust for these things, maybe not necessarily equally and not everyday, but keeps us going sometimes in the big and small moments (first time traveling accompanied by a thrilling one night stand, and sipping at the coffee shops you love, respectively). I’d like to remind everyone we can also guide our own ideals and explore these areas on our own terms and not leave it to our social media influencers to lead us. Read books, write, play as a child would and share wisdom instead of cool quips that will only trend for a moment before we’re distracted by another random tweet by a bigot or posturing, woke-when-it’s-convenient politician.

Anywaysss. Hope my ramble could stir something in someone or anyone, even if it’s just one human out there, bored at 4am.

Be happy, safe and healthy.

Over and outty.

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