Why does this WEBSITE exist?!

Welcome to this... "BLOGAZINE"

FOOD, SEX & ART is curated by content creator, creative “professional”, and dreamer, Edgar Andres Zorrilla who seeks to embrace all the facets of humanity that engage our tongues, sensual desires, and aesthetic sensibilities.

From Edgar:

I desire to share this magazine-blog with contributing creatives across all disciplines. I would encourage others across the world who would love to share moments, pictures, ideas, thoughts, and considerations on all that is relative to food, sex, art, or content that details unique meetings of the topics to please contact me below.

I wish to share the genius of others and their perspectives here and possibly further spark curiosity for special dishes, fashion ideas, creativity in any area, science, architecture, culture, and sexuality.

I hope that in doing so we can further inflame an ever-growing culture of receptiveness and embracement of the whole and vast multi-dimensional existence of humanity on Earth.

Hit me up

Starting small, this “blogezine” is not something I can feed and grow so easily by myself! Feel free to contact me and let me know if you’re interested in contributing!

Give me 48 hours to get back to you!

A photo of me taking a selfie at a sexy kink photoshoot condo party in NYC.

I’m currently based in New Orleans and loving life here.