Welcome! FOOD, SEX & ART is curated by the content creator, creative, singer, and dreamer, Edgar Andres Zorrilla who seeks to embrace all the facets of humanity that engage our tongues, sensual desires, and aesthetic sensibilities.

Zorrilla desires to share this magazine blog with contributing creatives across all disciplines. Born and raised in New York where he and his closest circle of friends are exposed to delectable varieties of culture, food, open ideas about sexuality, and a dynamic arts community.


From Edgar:

I would encourage others across the world who would love to share moments, pictures, ideas, thoughts, and considerations on all that is relative to food, sex, art, and especially content that detail unique meetings of the topics, to please contact me below. I wish to share the genius of others here and possibly further spark the curiosity of food, fashion, art, science, architecture, culture, and sexuality. I hope that in doing so, we can further inflame an ever-growing culture to be more receptive to and embracing of the vast 360, and 4 Dimensional spectrum that is our existence as humanity on earth.

    A photo of me taking a selfie at a sexy kink photo shoot condo party.